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This means that everything could potentially change. It means certain features might not work properly, or might work one week and then the next week might not work.

This doesn’t really work for in the modern world. Developers want their users to influence the direction of development. Having a huge amount of people trying the app and giving a constant feedback about the things developers are adding, removing and changing is a huge deal.

We also believe that you as a user benefit from this too. You get apps that are well supported and regularly updated. And you get to influence the final product.

That is a very good question.. and in most of the cases nobody have an answer for it.

Once an application is released in any public application store, we remove it from EarlyApps. However, we encourage all developers to give away promo codes for their released apps to the active early users.

Yes. All applications are provided to you via our service from their developers, who has all rights to distribute these applications. They give access to you as the external testers under the conditions of their effective Apple Developers Agreements. We immediately remove applications and ban developers who violate IP rights of the third parties. Please report any case of IP violation you encountered on our service

No. We consider any attempt to distribute applications, that are already released in AppStore or any other official store, as a severe violation of our service rules. We made EarlyApps solely to help developers to find their audience before releasing. Please report any case of violation you encountered on our service

Yes, it is completely safe. Our moderators team check all applications for viruses or any malicious activity before making them available to our users.

If you have not found the answer to your question, write to us

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